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Pain can be our body's way of warning us that something is not right.

Sports Podiatry focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions and injuries affecting your lower limbs - and your ability to participate fully in the activity of your choice.

Our Podiatrists can help you with a wide variety of concerns, for example:

  • Injuries - ankle sprains, blisters, stress fractures

  • Heel spurs, flat feet and plantar fasciitis

  • Biomechanical concerns - hip, knee, leg and foot pain

Your footwear can be assessed and if warranted additional support can be prescribed.

  • Foot orthoses - latest technology is used to prescribe and manufacture your orthoses.

  • A variety of materials are available to support sporting and sensitive feet.

  • Both custom made and pre-fabricated shoe inserts are available.

​Your podiatrist will work with you to assess your individual needs.

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