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Foot orthoses, also referred to as orthotics, are shoe inserts designed to support, align or improve foot function for people of all ages with a variety of foot or lower leg problems. 

They can assist with:

  • a wide range of issues, from discomfort in the foot and leg to severe problems such as diabetic foot ulcers.

  • maximising performance and injury rehabilitation/prevention in athletes and active people.

  • chronic foot or lower limb conditions which limit mobility or independence. 


Orthoses provide valuable long-term solutions:

  • Treatment and prevention of corns, callous and ulceration by redistributing the pressure of the body’s weight on the feet.

  • Rehabilitation of acute and chronic foot conditions such as tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprain and stress fractures by providing consistent postural support.

Your podiatrist will provide a comprehensive service to ensure safe and effective foot care.

  • A full clinical assessment of your foot complaint(s), determining if orthoses are indicated.

  • Whether custom made orthoses or modified, over the counter orthoses best meet your foot health needs.

  • Digital scanning for custom made orthoses to closely tailor the prescription to your individual needs.

  • Provision of any additional treatment required.

  • Advice regarding exercises, footwear and training modifications where relevant.

  • Comprehensive follow up, including ongoing treatment.

  • Fine tuning any problems whilst wearing the orthoses.

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