The experienced team at Canning Podiatry centre and our comprehensively equipped clinic enable us to assist you with a wide variety of lower limb concerns. 


  • Injuries - ankle sprains, blisters, stress fractures

  • Biomechanical concerns -
    hip, knee, leg and foot pain

  • Foot orthoses - latest technology is used to prescribe and manufacture your orthoses. A variety of materials support sporting and sensitive feet.
    Custom made and pre-fabricated shoe inserts are available.

Your podiatrist will work with you to assess your individual needs.


close up of bare feet on grass
  • Nail and skin conditions - ingrown toenails, corns, callouses, warts

  • Inflammatory conditions -
    heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis

  • Arthritic foot complaints 

  • Treatment of bunions, hammer toes, soft tissue and bony lumps.​

Our podiatrists can incorporate acupuncture (dry needling), mobilisation and manipulation services into the treatment of foot complaints as indicated.


Image showing Doppler testing demonstrating circulation
  • Diabetic foot pathology

  • Doppler assessment

  • Arthritic foot complaints

Maintaining good foot health is critical for those with a chronic health condition.

Person running through a puddle, image is a close up of the calf and shoes


  • Assess ment of any underlying lower limb abnormalities

  • Personalised exercise programming to target balance, strength, flexibility and endurance.

  • Guidance regarding suitable, supportive footwear.


Maintaining your overall foot care is an important factor in staying on your feet.

Unable to attend the clinic for a consultation but would like some professional advice?

We offer Online Consultations via video link or over the telephone.

Online Consultations help for a variety of concerns, for example:

  • Foot and leg pain

  • Foot deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes

  • Injury advice and management

  • Footwear and training advice

  • Prescribing and reviewing exercise, stretching and rehabilitation programmes

  • Second opinions

Book online or call the clinic on 9354 9433.


  • Flat feet

  • Toe walking

  • In-toeing

  • Heel pain

  • Warts

Growing feet present their own challenges. Your child's feet are in safe hands with our podiatrists.

close up of an older person's feet, one shoe off and one on, bare foot is obviously causing pain
close up of a standing infant's feet
close up on a keyboard style button reading 'online consulting'